Lenin as "dictator"

TimW333521 at aol.com TimW333521 at aol.com
Thu Jun 8 07:00:42 MDT 1995

I would suggest that  a balanced view of Lenin, based, of course, on 70 years
of hindsight, would not give him quite a clean a bill on the "dictator"

Lenin was definitely not a person known for tolerating the views of others,
except when he had no alternative but to do so.  Luckily this was the case
much of the time!    He never veered from an absolute conviction in his own
correctness and in the complete identity of his views with the perceived
needs of the masses.    This led him to carry out quite a few "dictatorial
actions, such as suppressing opposition working class tendencies, and some
remarkably bloodthirsty actions during the Civil War.

He viewed his own methods in power as "dictatorial" and defended them as such
.  His argument was that the dictatorship of his party, which he dominated,
equalled the dicatorship of the class.  This concept became questionable when
he found most workers opposed to him in the 1920-21 period and there was no
longer any room for doubt when , after his death, a new dictator, Stalin,
took up Lenin's rationale!

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