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Thu Jun 8 13:39:56 MDT 1995

On Thu, 8 Jun 1995, Michael Hesemann wrote:

> Your repost shows, that you are stuck in PE and don`t relate to the broader
> frame of
> historical materialism. Your interprete "wrong decisions" as individually
> wrong decisions by single capitalists. But I was talking about capitalists
> as a whole class and explicitly mentioning the unwillingness of this
> process. According to ME capitalism leads to "wrong investment decisions"
> regarding the "needs of all mankind". This is the frame. Your approach of
> dealing with questions like morality or good/bad exploitation solely by PE
> turns bottoms up for me. As somebody already mentioned, ME can be hardly
> seen as value-free scientists.
I agree that neither Marx nor anyone else can be described as a
"value-free Scientist." I don't agree with your understanding concerning
the role of "wrong investment decisions" in "ME."  I don't know what the
expression "good/bad exploitation" means.

> >>I think an answer can be best derived from historical materialism.
> >>A society, which doesn`t serve the overall need of the mankind will
> >>according to Marx and Engels (ME) die upon their inherent contradictions.
> >>These contradictions are economical and may be covered by ideology for some
> >>time. But sooner or later they show up and, with the help of a revolutionary
> >>class, will be solved by formating a new society. Thus ME are humanists with
> >>a strong portion of optimism. Humanists because they argue with "the need of
> >>all mankind" and not nature, religous categories ... .Optimistists because
> they
> >>think, that - broadly spoken - "the best will win".

I think that the above is a far more simplistic expression of the meaning
of historical materialism than I have given.  "The best will win" sound
like pure romanticism to me.
> >> In this system capitalist exploitation is good as far as it serves the
> >> overall economical development and rises productivity. But for ME is
> >> questionable, whether the capitalist class makes the right
> >> investment-decisions. ME argue,
> >> that besides the breakdown of capitalist dynamics, capitalists unwillingly
> >> make the wrong investment-decisions and are not able to plan for all
> >> mankind. Due to the wrong decisions severe problems (e.g. mass-poorness)
> >> will arise,
> >> which produce a new revolutionary class, who will overthrow capitalism.

See comments above.  They also apply to this section of Michael's post.>

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