violence and revolution

Fri Jun 9 01:05:46 MDT 1995

hi all,
I thing that we all must free our mind by concept of revolutionary violence that
has a taste romantic but have brought many people to spend their lives in a
way that haven't improved the condition of workers class in their country
and in many cases has
developed un strong reaction of capitalistic power withdrawing the popular
struggles or
worse let defeated its. If is reasonable the use of violence in particular
where any freedom is denied by a fascist or racist governmant, in this
condition too, a revolutionary group need to have a large popular support
before to start having some expectation to win and after winning is very
difficult develop a new economical course
( Nicaragua teach). I thing that every political experience grow up in the
blood have no future.Who or what is the enemy of marxism and, in general, of
workers class ? An economical system and not these and those fellows ; a
million of peaceful persons in place are much more winning than a little
group of hard revolutionaries because a capitalistical system, like every
regim in every period of history, need cultural consent of society to exist
and only changing the culture of large layers of the society we hope to make
a winnig revolution; capitalism wins because people has a capitalistical
culture, mistaking we thing, but we must to conquer the means that form a
culture of a people; military option is already in the hands of enemy that
has all the interest to take on this field the engagement when it is in
P.P.PASOLINI, a italian marxist intellectual, killed in dark situation, said:
"between a cop and a revolutionary student I am with the cop because he is a
worker and a son of people while the revolutionary student is only a stupid
romantic, I can change
the mind of first but never the  mind of second"

by all

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