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     |     Pier-Paolo (sic)?
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> > P.P.PASOLINI, a italian marxist intellectual, killed in dark situation, said:
> > "between a cop and a revolutionary student I am with the cop because he is a
> > worker and a son of people while the revolutionary student is only a stupid
> > romantic, I can change
> > the mind of first but never the  mind of second"
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> Jerry:
> What kind of a "marxist intellectual" would take the side of a cop
> against a revolutionary student? !!!! A cop is
> only a worker in the most formal sense of the
> term.  "Stupid romantic" or serious revolutionary, I will stand besides
> the students along the barricades.  Perhaps on those barricades, "the
> mind of [the] first" (some cops) will change, but I am not counting on
> that eventuality.
> Is there anybody else out there who agrees with the sentiment of the
> Pasolini quote?

	I guess we all understand what the quote means, and up to a point
it's correct -- 'ultra-leftism' is no substitute for solid working-class
background,  but you are indeed pointing out the limits of this line of
thinking -- a pig is a pig, and he is in fact an example of the DIVISIONS
in the working-class, _not_ it's solidarity.

	I suppose Pasolini was also thinking of that moment during a
popular revolution when the majority of pigs realize they're on the losing
side and the great majority of their friends, family and the country at
large are against them; they then 'go over' en masse.

Faint support...

	I also suppose that the more 'enlightened' among them might've
gone over long before -- when it would be dangerous to do so -- THESE
would more likely be the ones P.P.P. was thinking of, but I agree with you
that the usual thug, swaggering about, intimidating and assaulting the
people around him, is NOT someone I would prefer over the 'callow youth'
that he has such contempt for.

	There's an unfortunate current running through 'communist' thought
that sneers at the (bourgeois) intellectual, and which has led to excesses
of working-class 'culture', such as the "Great Cultural Revolution' -- not
to mention the Cambodian holocaust/killing fields... So it appears that a
contempt for ultra-leftism of the intellectual can lead, in turn, to an
ultra-leftism of the 'anti-intellectuals'...

	I wonder what he would've said about the same thing just before
he was killed...


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