to Hell with Pasolini

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Thu Jun 8 21:34:44 MDT 1995

>On Fri, 9 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:

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>> P.P.PASOLINI, a italian marxist intellectual, killed in dark situation, said:
>> "between a cop and a revolutionary student I am with the cop because he is a
>> worker and a son of people while the revolutionary student is only a stupid
>> romantic, I can change
>> the mind of first but never the  mind of second"

        Knowing Pasolini, I suppose he was trying to be provocative here,
but I think this remark strays into the Stupid Zone.  Do note that many
Communist Parties around the world sided with the cops in '68.  Seen in
this context, Pasolini looks like just another Party-Approved intellectual
hack, or at best, a curmudgeon like Adorno.  From another angle, it is
quite easy to paste the label romantic on Pasolini himself.  In so far as
the cops function as a cops, they do the bidding of the state and capital.
Thus, to look only at the cops' plebeian origins and ignore what they
actually do misses the essential.  If in the end the violent apparatus of
the bourgeois state is affirmed -- even worse, celebrated -- what
differentiates this sort of romantic populist Bullshit from the right wing


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