Police culture

Tom Condit tomcondit at igc.apc.org
Fri Jun 9 02:38:40 MDT 1995

Here is an illustration of the remarks I made about the corrupting
influence of police culture in an earlier post.

Berkeley (California) Police Chief Dash Butler is quoted in the
Spring 1995 of COPWATCH Report as saying the following in a talk to
University of California students about the Rodney King beating:

"It wouldn't fair of me to criticize the LAPD ... Each police
department is different. Each has its own problems, its own policies
regarding the use of force, and each has its own belief systems."

Of course, Butler himself has lied in public about his department's
policies and even accused a citizen of assaulting him at a City
Council meeting when a videotape clearly showed that nothing of the
sort happened, so it's easy to understand his concern about not
throwing stones.

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