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>hi all,
>I thing that we all must free our mind by concept of revolutionary >violence
>has a taste romantic but have brought many people to spend their >lives in a
>way that haven't improved the condition of workers class in their >country

Oh, really? I think Fidel Castro would disagree with you. Revolutionary
violence is the ultimate form of struggle against the ruling class. That
doesn't mean we use the gun in all cases, but we make sure that its ready if
we need it. You must understand that we living in a time when right-wing
fanatics are arming themselves to the teeth. So we may not need the gun now,
but should we stop talking about it?

 >need cultural consent of society to exist
>and only changing the culture of large layers of the society we hope >to
>a winnig revolution; capitalism wins because people has a >capitalistical
>culture, mistaking we thing, but we must to conquer the means that >form a
>culture of a people; military option is already in the hands of enemy >that

Yup, typical liberalism.Why not just say "Lets all run to communes, smoke
pot, drop acid, and grow orgainc vegetables." If you hadn't already noticed,
we have enough poetry magazines, coffee houses, and radical journals to give
us a proper dose of revolutionary culture. But considering the masses are
taught not to read, nor respect theories that don't correspond with
bourgeious sentiment, the guerilla can only show them by action.

 I must quote George Jackson, in his book "Blood in my Eye" when he wrote
"It's isn't revolutionary or materialist to disconnect things. To disconnect
revoltionary consciousness from revolutionizing activity, to build
consciousness with political agitation and educational issue alone is
idealistic rather than materialist."

Also to paraphase Frantz Fanon "Revolutionary violence is a cleansing force
to the natives".
Yes, I realize the fear of talking about revolutionary violence. The idea of
the Feds tapping our e-mail, and asking questions to our neighbors will
discourage people, but we can't remain pacify for long, the right is  having
to much victories.
has all the interest to take on this field the engagement when it is in

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