violence and revolution

Fri Jun 9 22:54:05 MDT 1995

on 9 june Jerry reply to me:

>Force and violence are a major part of human history which can be used
>for progressive or revolutionary purposes.  Engels wrote a book on
>this topic which was, I believe, published under the title THE ROLE OF
>FORCE IN HISTORY.  In this country, the revolution against the
>British, the Civil War and the abolition of slavery, and the trade
>union movement all grew "up in the blood."  How have things changed now?
>If revolutionary violence was justified (in the name of liberty and
>self-defense) then, what has changed for us to say that it has "no future"?
> -------------------------
I thing that has changed historical contest which we move our political action;
the historical materialism need to analyse the economical and social
processes to understand how let grow up a strong conscience of class; today
more than passed years
we haven't to fall in the mistake to offer to capitalism the opportunity
to use the violence against workers in struggle; we are strong for our ideas
and our
capability to organize the masses but we become feeble and losing on
violence field.
>What kind of a "marxist intellectual" would take the side of a cop
>against a revolutionary student? !!!! A cop is
>only a worker in the most formal sense of the
>term.  "Stupid romantic" or serious revolutionary, I will stand besides
>the students along the barricades.  Perhaps on those barricades, "the
>mind of [the] first" (some cops) will change, but I am not counting on
>that eventuality.
Nello :
Pasolini was censured by many people for his thought but after 20 years it
less censurable, in Italy; the developed of a strong trade union in policy
arm has helped to stop and denounce many persecutory actions against workers
and immigrants;
it's sure that the policy is an arm of bourgeoisie and many cops are fascist
and racist
but we must work for taking its off this arm and strengthening the workers
Many "revolutionary students" of those years are now integrate in capitalism
vote Berlusconi or work politically for him and hate all about socialism and

by  Nello

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