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Fri Jun 9 19:33:33 MDT 1995

Juan reply to me:
Oh, really? I think Fidel Castro would disagree with you. Revolutionary
>violence is the ultimate form of struggle against the ruling class. That
>doesn't mean we use the gun in all cases, but we make sure that its ready if
>we need it. You must understand that we living in a time when right-wing
>fanatics are arming themselves to the teeth. So we may not need the gun now,
>but should we stop talking about it?

Nello :

Castro won in 1958, in full cold war, and he chose russian field to defend
his revolution against a dictator, servant of northamerican mafious
interestes, and so he could build a socialist society; today he should have
no possibility like no future
have had next revolutions in other sides in the world, Africa and south
America especially, because the capitalist world couldn't tolerate another
Cuba and it has had the strength, political economical and military to avoid
it. Today a winning revolution
in a little country of third word had no more than a month of life,
strangled economically: in many countries there are government
democratically chosen, well, they are servant of northamerican mafious
interests too but, like in Peru, the right wins and the revolutionaries kill
the peasants, because they are isolated and desperate.
EZLN has taken arms in Mexico to show to the world what happen in Chiapas,
but the zapatists knows, and reading thier quotes you can understand, that
the risolution can be only political because militarly they are destined to
lose, like is happened in El Salvador and in Angola; when a generation loses
a revolution you must wait fifty years
for hoping in another. If I want help zapatists, I try to create consent
the rights of zapatists and denouncing the interestes of the Manatthan Chase
bank in the Chiapas, I don't burn a mexican embassy.

Juan writes:
>Yup, typical liberalism.

If in Italy exist again a strong Comunist party is for the strong identification
of workers class in my thinging; many friends of mine in '70 years died for
a revolutionary dream or full of drug for the delusion of the end of
revolutionary dream

Juan writes:
> but we can't remain pacify for long, the right is  having
>to much victories


I thing we must remain pacify how long it need to build a winning project
for the trasformation of the society on the way of socialism; then
reactionaries will move armed against us and we must have the capacity to
win, politically and perhaps militarly but in this case we need of alliance
of part of army and policy for hoping in the victory and only with a long
political work we can obtain this alliance.

by Nello
il sonno della ragione genera mostri

thr dream of reason generate monsters

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