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Sat Jun 10 13:59:29 MDT 1995

Responding briefly to Leo's post, let me note:

1) I did not "attempt to reestablish the point of Matt's parody through
logical argumentation."  I made no reference to that parody.  I will say
now, though, that Joe's point that he has a good cop friend is totally

2) Leo thinks that it is an "internal contradiction" and "vacillation in
logic" to hold both individuals and authorities accountable for the
actions of individuals.  I fail to see his point and think, frankly, that
it is just silly.

3) To believe that police because they are state workers are the same as
teachers, social workers, etc. is quite a stretch.  Police, like
soldiers, are ARMED and perform a similar function as soldiers.  I -- IN
NO WAY -- implied that all employees of the state are the same as police.

4) Leo criticizes what he believes to be my implied theory of the state.
He is reading too much into the post.

5)Is dismanteling the police utopian and idealistic, as Leo suggests?  I
don't believe so.  It is a PRACTICAL NECESSITY for a revolutionary
government.  Salvador Allende in Chile was the one who was being utopian
and idealistic when he believed that it was both possible to reform one's
way into socialism and leave the instruments of the ruling class, such as
the police and the Army, intact.  I believe that a more sensible policy
would have given all of the police pink slips and then either
re-organized the police or substituted police with community control.

This is beginning to be a frustrating experience as I hear either
universal condemnations of all police or basically apologies for -- and
even solidarity with -- the police.

I'm late for a Mumia demonstration so I'll stop now.  Off to see the
"workers" (i.e. cops) that some on this list seem to have such high
regard for.


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