Officer Friendly (was Violence and Revolution)

Alfred Joseph ajoseph at
Sat Jun 10 13:02:05 MDT 1995

Mr. Lockard, you may have discovered the nature of stick up my ass. Let me
reciprocate.  The stick up your ass is called American (fill in the country
of your choice) exceptionalism.  The old, it can't happen here ( socialism
or fascism) argument.   Do I think Darryl "choke hold, black people are
physiologically different" Gates is "Himmler's reincarnation"?  You bet
your ass I do.  At best, he is just a half a goose step away.  The same is
true about the LAPD.  You know Marx talked about unequal development.  The
same way that  certain segments of the working-class are at different
stages of political development ( for various reasons),  different segments
of the working-class experience FASCIST police repression while other
segments of society do not.  In this society black and latino workers
prematurely feel the fascist tendencies of your beloved brethren, the
         Even though only a few pigs actually took part in the Rodney King
beating, the actions of the rest of the cops there was intersting.  They
milled around as if they were in a shoping mall, not as if someone was
getting the shit kicked out of them a few feet away.  This is camp-guard
mentality.  The ones doing the beating knew they were safe.  I was in
Boston the summer of the second year of school busing.  They unleashed dogs
on black children in the stairwells of housing projects after being pelted
with stones , or so they said.  The civil rights movement is well
documented.  I don't know what you call this type of behavior, I call it
fascist. I think you under-estimate the cumulative power of racism and what
it can enable people to do.  Think back to when 100,000 Americans of
Japanese descent were herded into camps around the country.

Please don't take this the wrong way,  How do you handle the contradictions
that must arise from your military obligations and your Marxist beliefs.  I
mean, can an American  leftist work for the American immigration service in
the South-west US in good conscience?  Again, I am very curious.  Please do
not take offense to my questions.  Shalom.

alfredo jose

If the misery of our poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our
institutions, great is our sin.  -CHARLES DARWIN.

"The earth shall rise on new foundations. We have been naught, we shall be
all."  Words from the L'INTERNATIONALE

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