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PITTSBURGH, June 16-24

The 1995 MLG Institute on Culture and Society will be held at Mudge
House on the campus of Carnegie Mellon, with emphasis on the theme of
"Marxism and Race."

Registration will be $50 for the week ($25 for grads and unemployed), or
$8 per day ($4 for grads and unemployed).
(Institute policy is that everyone pays registration; money left over at
the end of the Institute is used to help those who need reimbursement
for travel, with graduate students having first claim.)

Lodging is available at Carnegie Mellon (prices: $25 single per night,
$18 per person double).

By Road: Mudge House is at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Morewood at
the edge of the Carnegie Mellon campus; you can enter Morewood from
either Fifth Avenue or Forbes Avenue, both large East-West Pittsburgh
Parking: There is absolutely no parking in Mudge driveway. Street
parking is available in the roads across Fifth Avenue from Mudge. We
also have available a limited number of CMU parking permits; please ask
for details.
By Air: We hope to have a van for airport pick-ups Friday 16 through
Sunday 18. If you plan to arrive during that time, please let us know
your flight info.
If you arrive at any other time, please take the airport shuttle to
Webster Hall, on Fifth Avenue in Oakland. Mudge is also on Fifth Avenue,
about 1/2 a mile from Webster, going east. You can walk or take a short
cab ride.
Or call Mudge at 268-3575.
Late Arrivals: There will usually be an attendant at Mudge, but if for
any reason you cannot get in, please walk to the other end of the Mudge
block of Morewood where you'll find Morewood Towers, inside of which on
the 2nd floor is the Housing Services 24-hour desk.

For further assistance, contact:
Before the conference call CMU English Department: 412 268 2850
Or Email or fax Paul Smith. Email: ps2g at Fax: 412 421 1952
During the conference phone Mudge House: 412 268 3575


Please note: In true Institute tradition, you can expect radical changes
to this schedule at the last minute. (If names are in parenthesis, that
event is not finalized.)

All events are in Mudge unless noted otherwise.


12	Mudge open for registration

1.30	Jonathan Scott on hiphop culture
	Greg Bolton on jazz
	Kevin Meehan and Abdul-Karim Mustapha, "The New Black
	Intellectuals...Questions from a Left Perspective"

3.30 	Howie Winant on race and the new world order

8 	Movie: "Just Another Girl on the IRT" (ADAMSON)


9 	The Gossip Panel: Elayne Tobin, John Champagne, David Shumway,
	Amy Villarejo
	 Jeff Williams, "Public Envy"

11 	Alan Wald: "Race-ing the Cold War Cultural Left"

1.30   	Tony Buba and Ray Henderson show and discuss cuts of their new
	documentary Struggles in Steel:  African-American Steelworkers.

4 	Melba Boyd shows and discusses her film Black Unicorn
	Hortense Spillers respondent

8 	Movie: "Menace II Society" (Mudge Lounge)


10	Nikhil Singh on the Black Panthers
	Laurie Loftus on Panther

Lunch:  We expect to make available a packed lunch at a reasonable cost

1.30	Panel: Black, Brown and White Intellectuals
	Mike Sprinker, Angela Perez, Biodun Jeyifo, Alan Wald, Jim Miller,
	Modhumita Roy, Iona Man-Cheong

4	Jerry Phillips, "The Critique of Race as Destiny:  Frances Ellen
Harper's Iola 	Leroy"
	Cheryl Lester on Faulkner and the Great Migration
	Baubie Paschal on the Black Arts Movement
	Farrah Griffin and Hortense Spillers discussants

8	Reading by Rich Daniels, Amitava Kumar


9	The White Papers:
	Camilla Griggers on the white feminine face
	Ted Allen on the construction  of whiteness
	Mary Gallucci, "The Renaissance:  an Ideology of White Supremacy"

11	The White Panel:
	Mike Hill, Tim Brennan, Ted Allen, Camilla Griggers, Jerry Phillips,
Mary 	Gallucci, Fred Pfeil
	(This panel will be recorded for a special issue of Minnesota Review)

1.30  	Barbara Harlow chairs a session on the Mumia Abu-Jamal case, with
Jamila 	Levi from Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal, and
Craig 	Gilmore

3.30 	Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

8	Movie: "Young Soul Rebels" (introduced by Keya Ganguly)


9 	Lisa Frank, on prisons
	Carol Stabile, "Repression Through Ritual"
	Matt Ruben on urban activism
	(Marilyn Mobley respondent)

11	Joni Rabinowitz from Just Harvest and Larry Funsten from
	Neighborhood Legal Services

1.30 	(Wendy Goldman and Susan Pennybecker on Soviet women)

3.30 	Rob Seguin on Gen-X
	Laura Sullivan on beauty and war
	Don Hedrick on O.J.
	Dan Goodman on the left and cyberspace

9	Annual Business Meeting, followed by free bar (Mudge Lounge)


9	Neil Lazarus, John Michael, and Keya Ganguly on intellectual labour

11	Kenya Dworkin on Latina labour
	John Beverley and Dave Houston on Miami

1.30	Tim Brennan on Cuba and salsa
	Shalini Puri on hybridity and the postcolonial in the Caribbean

3.30	The Global Political Economy:
	Dennis Brutus, Paul Smith, Patryk Silver

8       	Movie: "Mi Vida Loca" (Mudge lounge)



9 	Antonio Callari and Bill Olson: Workshop on Race and Economic
        	Subjects in Marxism: Rethinking the Basics of Value Theory  and
of 	Historiography.

11	Kristin Koptiuch on cultural defense cases
	Rosemary Lemmis on the Rhenquist Court
	(Rosemary Coombes, respondent)

1.30	Film Discussion, led by Sharon Willis

3.30	Jacquie Jones on Distressed Communities: the Racialization of Poverty
	John Hinshaw respondent; (Larry Funsten)

8pm 	Fundraiser for Decatur at the home of Carol Stabile


9	Panel: Repressive State Apparatuses
	Anthony Arnove, Mark Douglas, Jonathan Sterne, Carrie Wrentschler

11	Panel: Socialisms/Utopias
	Ileana Rodriguez, Esteban Lousteanau, Ana del Sarto, Anupama Mande,
	Nancy Uvalle, Pedron Moran, Hilda Chacon

1.30	Rethinking the Public Sphere
	Eric Clarke, Matthew Tinkum, Matthew Henson, Ron Strickland

3.00	Pedagogues Anonymous: Amitava Kumar, Tom Moylan, et al.

5 	Michael Eric Dyson

8	Los Lobos play a free concert in South Park



Steel and Steelworkers
A Special one-day workshop
(Simon Auditorium, Posner Hall)

Participants include:
Tony Buba, Eric Davin, Jim Dougherty, David Jardini, Elizabeth Jones,
Ray Henderson, John Hinshaw, Irwin Marcus, Charlie McCollester,
Mark McColloch, Karen Olson, Joel Sabadasz

(A more detailed program will be available at Mudge front desk)

9		Coffee and introductions.
9:30-10:30	Workers and the workplace.
10:45-11:45	Gender issues
11:45-12:30	Lunch.
12:30-1:30	Issues of interpretation and method
1:45-2:45	Industrialization and deindustrialization.
3-4		Identity and Politics or Identity Politics?
4-6:30		Tony Buba~s and Ray Henderson~s documentary:  Struggles in
Steel:  		African-American Steelworkers.   (Adamson).

8	A dinner will be arranged for those MLGers still standing


office: 412 268 6447
home ph/fax: 412 421 1952

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