analysis of social classes

Sun Jun 11 22:34:49 MDT 1995

Hi all,
there are interesting questions whose I desire have some replies about the
analysis of social classes in advanced capitalistic system:
in the modern system of production, where engins have central rule, workers
have still
a strong propulsive charge in the struggle against the system ?
who can be defined bourgeois and who proletarian ?
what is the rule of intellectuals ?
the mass of unemployeds can be defined a class or they are still a mean of
whom the masters use against workers' vindications ?
what 's the rule of urban underproletarians ? It's possible give them a
conscience of class and how?
It 's possible trasform the anger of the ghettos and boundaries in a political
 struggle ?
What's the rule of trade unions ?
the financial capitalism can be fought and how?

thank you for every replies.

BY     Nello
il sonno della ragione genera mostri

thr dream of reason generate monsters

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