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Mon Jun 12 00:59:32 MDT 1995

Jerry asks:
>If someone would be willing to offer a definition of fascism and a brief
>account of their understanding of the term, we could get the ball rolling.

Nello reply:

the term "fascism" was conied by Mussolini to call his political movement
when he moved
from socialist position to build, in the confuses years post-war in Italy,
that strong opposition to possible  comunist revolution than the liberal
governmant didn't show to be able to make at the eyes of big industrials and
rich landnowers who financed him.
Like the intelligent political he was he filled this term with many
contradictory values fastened by a large demagogy : nationalism,
revolutionarism anti-borgeois, populism, machism, myth imperialism of
ancient romans, structure corporative of society
instead subdivision in social classes, concept about work like a service to
greatness of fatherland; the central and holy function  of patriarchal
family ,a global militarization of the society and last the alliance with
the strong clerical power.
So he could obtain a seeming absolute authority for 20 years when instead
the really power were always in the hands of few family of big industrial
capitalists that used his enourmous edonism and the large popular adhesion
to fascist confuses values to improve their profits and to cancel every
struggle of class.
Fascist ethics was founded upon total alienation of the fellows to
infallibility and
human carism of the chief ( man of the provvidence); in this way the italian
fascism was strictly fastened to the personality of Mussolini like other
fascisms or populist regime were with their authors.
What it's possible called today fascist ? I think at first the values
before defined which represent the cultural substrate needful to alienate
people and to hinder the devolopment of a conscience of class and so fascist
is consedered who believes in these values and has a social function  in
defending capitalistic interests.

I hope in exhaustive replying to your question.

By Nello.
il sonno della ragione genera mostri

thr dream of reason generate monsters

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