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Sun Jun 11 20:17:31 MDT 1995

Jukka Lari, Saul Walker, Doug Henwood, and Aniello Margiotta have all
contributed thoughtful pieces on how fascism is understood historically.
So far, we seem to have a fairly wide agreement on the FIRST question of
defining fascism.

Now, for a SECOND question (which I WILL NOT attempt to answer myself):

Could list members give CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES of movements that are:

a) fascist in the US;
b) fascist internationally
c) potential or incipient fascist movements?

It would be helpful in answering the above if you could state briefly the
nature and history of the movements that you are referring to and give a
number of reasons why you believe those movements are either fascist or
potentially fascist.

I believe that it is necessary for us to move to discuss concrete
contemporary examples to move the discussion forward.

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