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> In debates on this list concerning police and other places, some people
> have used the term fascism.  There have long been differences in the Left
> concerning the meaning of that term.  Since many believe that fascism is
> a real possibility in the US and elsewhere given the changing economic,
> social, and political environment it might be useful for us to flush out
> the meaning of that term both in its historical context and its wider
> application today.
> If someone would be willing to offer a definition of fascism and a brief
> account of their understanding of the term, we could get the ball rolling.
> Any thoughts?

	My two cents worth:

	My problem with the use of the term (I'm about as guilty of
slinging it around), is what to do about people who are TECHNICALLY part
of the bourgeois-democratic system, but who I truly believe are only there
because of the real power and the convenience of 'legitimacy' it confers.

	I'm sure that these self-styled 'defenders of Democracy and the
American Way' would GLEEFULLY support a coup d'etat under circumstances
where they feel 'they' are losing control -- also a GREAT opportunity to
settle personal scores, and to 'enrichissez' themselves...  I consider
these people to be de facto fascists.

	Simply because they don't openly declare themselves, don't wear
black/brown shirts, or even hypocritically consider themselves to be
'real' democrats (because they lack any depth of self-consciousness) is
no reason _I_ can't see that in them.

	I'm considering the likes of Jesse Helms, Margaret Thatcher,
Phyllis Schaffly, Pat Robertson... well, you get the idea...

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