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about moderm fascism Glevy writes:

>Now, for a SECOND question (which I WILL NOT attempt to answer myself):
>Could list members give CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES of movements that are:
>a) fascist in the US;
>b) fascist internationally
>c) potential or incipient fascist movements?
>It would be helpful in answering the above if you could state briefly the
>nature and history of the movements that you are referring to and give a
>number of reasons why you believe those movements are either fascist or
>potentially fascist.I believe that it is necessary for us to move to
discuss concrete
>contemporary examples to move the discussion forward.

Nello replies:

Historically fascism grows up upon a social uneasiness when the capitalism
is in a phase of restructuration and it's strong a danger of the resumption
of class struggle.
Democracy is a luxury that advanced capitalism can still allow as long as it
the mechanisms of economical restruction and the social conflictuality which
it can address on a field favourable for its.
It's sure that any fascist or neo-nazist organizzations ( the different is
least) grows up in Italy like in other countries of western Europe inside
soccer supporters (hooligans) financed in some cases by the same industrial
groups owers of the team ; in this case the identification of young
supporters in own team' colours became easily
hate for the different fellows fomented racism agaist immigrants, homelesses
and other
manifestations tipically of fascist culture.
Paramilitary structures are developed inside and outside the body of
governmental apparatus for destabilizing brittle democracies with
terroristic acts (all the history of Italy in last 20 years is full of dark
episodes which it's very difficult decipher international connections and
the weight of struggles between capitalistic lobbies ).
The same political project of Berlusconi can be considered a modern and
form of fascism because across the total controll of media have the same
goals of other fascisms : plebiscitary government, economical deregulation,
limitation of syndacal freedom, adhesion to cultural values typic of a
white, nationalist and reactionary society against the multiracial pushes of
continue immigration from third world.
More difficult is understand if all these and other manifestations of
neo-fascism are connected in a unique project and if it exists an
international connection.




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