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>Could list members give CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES of movements that are:
>a) fascist in the US;
>b) fascist internationally
>c) potential or incipient fascist movements?

Militias in the US, and (self-professedly) neo-Nazi and skinhead groups in
the US and Europe. They've got large chunks of the ideology and the
declasse popular base. The West Virginia-based National Alliance is quite
explicitly Nazi. Their book catalogue, for example, features two editions
of Mein Kampf; their note on the standard Mannheim edition is that it's
marred by the editor's obvious anti-Hitler bias. I don't know about Canada,
but I imagine they've got a few of their own. If you have a strong stomach,
try calling Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance (WAR) hotline,
619-723-8996. There's been extensive contact between such groups in the US,
including the Klan, and similar groups in Europe.

One problem for a US fascism is that corporatist and quasi-socialist
ideologies have less appeal here than in Europe. Much of the US far right
is hyperindividualist, opposed to the national state, and professes great
loyalty to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, even as they advocate
secession and government repression of things they don't like, like
nonwhites, immigrants, and same-sexers. While religion might serve as the
core of a corporatist ideolgoy and institution, American Protestantism is
hyperindividualized, and the modern electronic church exists mainly in a
virtual sense, linking together atomized individuals through 800 numbers,
prayer, and credit cards. There is also little support in the US ruling
class for a nationalist economic strategy; witness even the weak business
support (outside the auto industry) for Clinton's trade sanctions against
Japan. But Buchanan, perhaps because of his Catholicism?, is more friendly
to nationalist and corporatist strategies than the libertarian far right.
But as Sinclair Lewis said, an American fascist leader wouldn't come with a
Central European scowl, but with a characteristically American smile.



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