cops and class analysis

Mon Jun 12 10:07:06 MDT 1995

Could it be that the reason one is hired is not quite the same as the
reason one joins?  Could there be diversity in the reasons for
joining?  Or that the general effect of the legal system is indeed to
support the status quo powers that be, but at the same time there are
[other] dangerous people who would hurt me that I would like to have
locked up?

"Class analysis" sometimes seems terribly over-simplified to me.
Marx was certainly correct to point out divisions and conflicts of
interest, opposed to any notion of one big happy whole.  Sometimes he
takes it further, to conflicts within each class.  My level of
analysis goes further, to individuals, even within the so-called
nuclear [meaning indivisible?] family (now there's a modern myth,
that such a family can even exist or ever has!)

There is often enough commonality of interests to form co-ops,
classes, unions, clans, etc, but these are simultaneously divided by
internal, conflicting interests.


>>> Alfred Joseph <ajoseph at>  6/10/95,
05:21am >>>
Thank god the RED ARMY did delve into the human complexities of the
Army and the SS bastards,  excuse me,  SS humans in WWII.  Come down
to earth.  A cop's primary goal (disregard the protect and serve
shit, that is for people like you to swallow) is to ensure the
stabliity of the capitalist state.  Period. And if you don't see
that, you step away from your PC and walk through working class
neighborhoods.  It could do you good.

alfredo jose

If the misery of our poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by
our institutions, great is our sin.  -CHARLES DARWIN.

"The earth shall rise on new foundations. We have been naught, we
shall be all."  Words from the L'INTERNATIONALE

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