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Mon Jun 12 11:26:16 MDT 1995

Chris S,
at first you seem to say that a non-distorted social science is one
which encompasses or addresses totality and internal relations, but
your last line is more reasonable (to me) to say that different
methods are applicable to different questions.  Which is it?  And
what is modern positivism?

I think that specific examples would help me a lot.  I like abstract
discussion to "get down to cases."


>>> Chris M. Sciabarra <sciabrrc at>  6/10/95, 07:19am >>>
(snip) That modern positivists cannot even CONCEIVE of the totality
and its internal relations is indicative of how deeply distorted
their  own approach to social science is.  This is not to say that
statistical  and quantitative approaches have NO value in certain
circumstances.  But  such approaches often miss the forest for the
trees.  Bertell Ollman  however, warns that dialectical thinking
often misses the trees for the  forest.  There has to be a good
balance between micro- and  macro-analysis, and different approaches
can sometimes shed some needed  light on specific areas of

- Chris
Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra

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