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Mon Jun 12 12:39:33 MDT 1995

A few thoughts (no theory intended)
1. Cops are people, and people can be shits.
2. The proletarian militia envisaged by Lenin wouldn't shirk at bashing a
few heads. And they'd be sure that you turned up to work on time. At
least, that is, until we all came to be self-policing, then only the odd
misfit would need bashing - and in a democratic world no doubt we could
bash in rotation.
3. For Foucault, "policing" is more than a bunch of people with trunchons
(lack of fire power her in the UK), and its worth considering exploring a
wider conception than the "boys (sic) in blue"
4. Someone mentioned cops off duty rolling a few and downing the odd
after hours beer. Well how about how about the on duty cops attempting to
entrap gay men in cottages - many of them have to be taken off "active"
duty because they get too into their work for their superior's liking.
Also - check out the British film "id" which charts an under cover cop's
descendence into the world of soccor holiganism. In short, aren't we
being somewhat reductivist in defining the mind-sets of the police. Less
self-assurity might be more productive  in the political stance against

- keep it peeled

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