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Mon Jun 12 13:12:49 MDT 1995

On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, Justin Schwartz wrote:

> Ifit makes sense to make compoarisons, I think one has to say that the
> American system was, for the first hundred years of existence, evolving
> more in a democratic directiuon politically than the Societ system in the
> 70 years of its existence. Thye brief democratic experiment under

Louis Proyect:

The "democratic" progress of countries like the USA,
Great Britain and France cannot be separated from their imperialist
histories. For every right granted to a citizen in an imperialist nation,
there is a right taken away from someone in a colony (Philipines, Hawaii,
Puerto Rico, etc.) I'm always reminded of Lenin's pungent remarks on the
English bourgeois politician (Was it Balfour?) who noticed the angry
socialist speech-making in Trafalgar Square and concluded that
imperialism abroad was necessary to preserve social peace at home.

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