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On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:

> 	My problem with the use of the term (I'm about as guilty of
> slinging it around), is what to do about people who are TECHNICALLY part
> of the bourgeois-democratic system, but who I truly believe are only there
> because of the real power and the convenience of 'legitimacy' it confers.
> 	I'm sure that these self-styled 'defenders of Democracy and the
> American Way' would GLEEFULLY support a coup d'etat under circumstances
> where they feel 'they' are losing control -- also a GREAT opportunity to
> settle personal scores, and to 'enrichissez' themselves...  I consider
> these people to be de facto fascists.
> 	Simply because they don't openly declare themselves, don't wear
> black/brown shirts, or even hypocritically consider themselves to be
> 'real' democrats (because they lack any depth of self-consciousness) is
> no reason _I_ can't see that in them.
> 	I'm considering the likes of Jesse Helms, Margaret Thatcher,
> Phyllis Schaffly, Pat Robertson... well, you get the idea...
While I have no great fondness for the individuals listed above, I would
not consider them fascists.  In the UK, for instance, if Margaret
Thatcher was a fascist, then we would have seen ...?  If Jesse Helms,
Phyllis Schaffly and Pat Robertson were fascists, then ...?  I believe
that we have to differentiate between fascists and run-of-the-mill
reactionary politicians.  Of course, the dividing line between
neo-fascism (or potential neo-fascism) and pro-nationalist, reactionary
movements is not always easy to demarcate.

As for the US, I am far more afraid of the Moral Majority and people like
Rush Linbaugh than skinheads, nazis, or the Klan (although the growth of
the Klan in some areas is alarming).  If fascism ever becomes a popular
movement in the US, I believe that they will not be sporting swasticas or
Klan hoods, but will be waving the American flag (which is, after all,
even more American than apple pie).

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