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On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:

> Paramilitary structures are developed inside and outside the body of
> governmental apparatus for destabilizing brittle democracies with
> terroristic acts (all the history of Italy in last 20 years is full of dark
> episodes which it's very difficult decipher international connections and
> the weight of struggles between capitalistic lobbies ).

	Of course, you mean the P2 (Propaganda Du'e [sic]?) masonic lodge
and the 'Strategy of Tesion' (Strattegia del Tenzione?)

	Would you happen to have any more detailed information on this?

> The same political project of Berlusconi can be considered a modern and
> sophisticated
> form of fascism because across the total controll of media have the same
> goals of other fascisms : plebiscitary government, economical deregulation,
> limitation of syndacal freedom, adhesion to cultural values typic of a
> white, nationalist and reactionary society against the multiracial pushes of
> continue immigration from third world.

	Could you give us a more detailed, in-depth account of the present
political situation in Italia?  I, for, one, would like to find out more
about the new-style 'techno-fascists' there (as well as the old-style
fascists, Lombard League, etc.), and the present state of the various
communist parties/groups.

	I'd _especially_ like to find out more about Berlusconi...

> More difficult is understand if all these and other manifestations of
> neo-fascism are connected in a unique project and if it exists an
> international connection.

	I think we should try our VERY best to find this out...

	Ciao, baby!

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