Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Mon Jun 12 15:25:49 MDT 1995

>Ifit makes sense to make compoarisons, I think one has to say that the
>American system was, for the first hundred years of existence, evolving
>more in a democratic directiuon politically than the Societ system in the
>70 years of its existence.

Justin you haven't a clue. I hate to get into this again because it's
pointless with true believers like you who certainly won't let the
actualities of working people's lives get in the way of their 'profound
analysis', but I just returned from California where I met with some folks
from the former Soviet Union. You have to hear the horrors first hand. And
you know Justin, it's *your* government that is most responsible for the
horror. Anyone who can celebrate, as you often do on this list, the collapse
of the SU just hasn't a clue about what socialism, with all it's problems,
meant to the average working person. Try going over there and telling the
millions who are hungry for the first time in their lives, the millions who
have no pension, the thousands now newly homeless, without health care,
without child care etc etc etc, that they're beter off now because their's
wasn't a 'true' democracy as defined by Justine.

As to your above quote on democracy in the US v. democracy in SU, only the
most self deluded true believer could swallow this piece of hysterical nonsense.

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