Friendly Fascism (fwd)

Scott Marshall Scott at
Mon Jun 12 15:34:56 MDT 1995

Chris S.:
>But I do not believe that Germany for
>instance, fits this model precisely.


Not that some of the factors you later mention are wrong, but Hitler and the
Nazis very much fit the discription of 'capitalism no longer able to rule in
the old way - in the framework of bourgy democracy.' It was a direct
response to the rise of the left and labor etc and the crisis of capitalism
at the time. The big industrialists who started heavily finacing Hitlers
efforts were scared to death of a workers revolution. They didn't decide to
finance and (Hitler didn't really get too big until they did) til they lost
all hope of stability with the old 'democratic' institutions. Of course this
is a dialectical process where the things you mentioned come into play and
interact, but inability to rule in the old way was definitly a deciding factor.

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