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Mon Jun 12 16:57:48 MDT 1995

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On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Jim Jaszewski wrote:
(snip) I consider> these people to be de facto fascists.
(snip) > I'm considering the likes of Jesse Helms, Margaret Thatcher,
 > Phyllis Schaffly, Pat Robertson... well, you get the idea...

>  Jerry:
While I have no great fondness for the individuals listed above, I
would  not consider them fascists.  In the UK, for instance, if
Margaret  Thatcher was a fascist, then we would have seen ...?  If
Jesse Helms,  Phyllis Schaffly and Pat Robertson were fascists, then
...?  I believe  that we have to differentiate between fascists and
run-of-the-mill  reactionary politicians.  Of course, the dividing
line between  neo-fascism (or potential neo-fascism) and
pro-nationalist, reactionary  movements is not always easy to

Lisa adds:
Perhaps the line is between those who have unmitigated power and
those who don't.  If Helms, Robertson, the NRA, the anti-choice (and
anti-sex and anti-birth control) people got to pick all the congress
and prez, then abortion would be a capital crime, same-sex
inclinations would all be locked up for shock therapy or deportation,
and completely rough-shod capitalism would be part of the required

Maybe that's not facism, but it is pretty darn bad.  (No cuss words
from "wholesome" Utah today, with the cattle at home on the public
range, where the prospectors play and the developers roam.  Maybe
next time.)

Who to fear the most?  Hard to say.

"For those who say I can't impose my morality on others, I say JUST
WATCH ME."  Joseph Scheidler, Exec. Dir., Pro-Life Action League
(caps added.)

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