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On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> Nello:
> >More difficult is understand if all these and other manifestations of
> >neo-fascism are connected in a unique project and if it exists an
> >international connection.
> Scott:
> For starters there is the World Anti-Communist League that links fascist and
> neo-fascists in over a hundred countries. There is the fact that an
> extremely large of the Nazi liter distributed in Germany is printed in the
> US because German law outlaws printing fascist stuff. I'm sure other have
> other examples.

	Actually, one of the biggest producer/distributors of hate
literature is/was in the Toronto (Ontario), Canada area. Ever heard of the
infamous 'Ernst Zundel'?? I say 'was', because _someone_ -- right after
the Oklahoma bombing -- torched his 'Nazi HQ' rowhouse in T.O. downtown...
Such a shame...  :)

	_This_ fascist bastard is one of those set up here in Amerikkka
expressly to circumvent european anti-hate literature laws. He should be
back in business soon, tho'...

	As for the 'World Anti-Communist League' (of which I have been a
target): they have friends in high (and low) places here in KKKanada (I
_love_ wordplay...).

	One of those 'places' is a scurrilous Toronto rag, a daily tabloid
called the 'Toronto Sun', which is part of a chain of 'Suns' across
Canada, and patterned on, I believe, the U.K. Sun. Now THERE'S a definite
international (neo?)fascist connection -- between KKKanada, Britain and
the U.S.! Many of those associated with this oufit (especially the
owner/operators) are disgusting 'anglophiles' (read: royalty/aristocracy
lovers). It is a sure thing that these are among the people taking
advantage of the disorientation in Eastern Europe, and pushing for the
re-introduction of monarchies (can hi-tech feudalism be far behind??)

A number of writers/employees of the Toronto Sun are open or background
members of extreme right-wing and even fascist organizations, such as WACL
(or is that WHACKOL? or maybe WACOL?...). Needless to say, (neo?)fascist
ideology has been spewing from its pages for years (the big Come On to the
working-class guys who buy the rag are the semi-nude girls inside the
lurid coverpage, if not page after page of car and electronics ads...)

	A BIG payoff of all this vile propaganda was the election last
week of the Ontario Conservative Party provincially, on an _extreme_
rightwing platform (you know the patter: welfare bums/mothers, reverse
'discrimination' BIG budget/tax cuts, etc., etc., ad nauseum)


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