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Mon Jun 12 19:27:23 MDT 1995

On Mon, 12 Jun 1995, Elaine Jude Leyda wrote:

> 	No, they are not all AOL people. I am a PhD student working up a
> dissertation on Herbert
> Marcuse, Angela Davis & Fredric Jameson. This is taking place, oddly
> enough and with some difficulty, at--yup--Texas A&M; you'd be surprised
> how few people here know the above-mentioned 3 names.(Then again, maybe not.)

	No, I'm NOT surprised...!  :) (Hell, I have to admit I've never
heard of Fredric Jameson...) :<

	Angela Davis AND Herbert Marcuse??  What a combination! (You
doing sumthin' for the CoC??   :)

> 	When I have something intelligent to contribute to the list, I will
> surely do so.

	It's never stopped anyone else -- jump right in...  |>

 However, I have been contending with endometriosis,  with
> another surgery coming up next month. So don't hold your
> breath. Can't speak for those other lurkers out there, though.
> Elaine

	Good luck with your surgery.

	What IS 'endometriosis'?


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