Paul_Cockshott wpc at cs.strath.ac.uk
Tue Jun 13 02:25:24 MDT 1995

Justin, it depends on what you understand
democracy to be. I take it in its original sense
to be rule by the common people - who in the main
are not rich. In that sense, was there ever
democracy in the US. Was it not always a state
in which the legislature and executive were
in the hands of the rich. Have its special
bodies of armed men not always protected the
rich against the poor?

So how can it have been a democracy?

It seems more plausible that the original
intentions of its founders to set up a
constitutional republic have been achieved.

I am not going to advocate the political forms
of Soviet Russia as a future model. But if the
choice is between a state of the American form or
the Soviet form - it is clear which class interests
are better served by which.

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