socialists in US

Tue Jun 13 13:28:56 MDT 1995

> Lisa Rogers wrote:
> When I told them that capitalism has some bad effects and that there
> were socialists in US, they thought I was joking.

Nello writes:
I am interested to know what's happened in US why no strong socialist party or movment
is grewn; was it hardly broken in first years of the century ? Or the cold war and mcarthism have hindered the use of the term socialist for defining organized groups who named preferelly "liberals" to be not considered enemy of own fatherland ? And has never american worker class showen the need to be represented by a party with strong features of class? Or has the electoral system been a decisive bound ? and have  the  trade unions an antagonist function or vice versa they have more a corporative disposition ?

About young people of eastern europe countries, many of them luaghed scoffingly when I told them I was comunist if I visited their country, but they don't laugh any more if I tell it when I met them begging along the streets in my town.



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