Jameson list?/Malgosia

Elaine Jude Leyda ejl1386 at tam2000.tamu.edu
Tue Jun 13 08:31:39 MDT 1995

	I have been wrestling with Herr Professor Jameson for quite some
time now, and a list would be more than appropriate!
	I found this list through something called "Philosphy in
Cyberspace: A Guide to Philosophy-related Resources on the Internet." To
get there--it's a long file, so beware!--:
It includes handy info on listservs in general, as well as, in the
beginning, a list of categories that follow.
	Somewhere I heard of a Jameson list, but when I tried to sub, got
stuff bounced back, said there was no such thing. If you find out, I'd be
overjoyed if you'd share that. _Seeds of Time_ gives me a headache. A
pleasant one, but a headache nonetheless!

	ejl1386 at tam2000.tamu.edu

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