Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Tue Jun 13 12:10:56 MDT 1995

>I cannot see how the Stalinist state served the interests of the working
>class--the welfare state advanced it acheived were won without slaughter
>and oppression in social democratic Europe, and Stalinism did impose
>butchery, starvation, and repression on a breathtaking scale. You might as
>well talk about how good capitalism is for well-off white professionals
>while ignoring its effects in Haiti, Guatemala, etc. The Stalinist state
>was not a worker';s state. Workers had no power in it. It was a
>representative and instrument of the bureaucracy which exploited the workers.

Sheer nonsense as ususal on this topic. If you really believe this then you
should have been part of the underground trying to overthrow socialism in
eastern europe. Maybe you were. Or maybe you just bought the state
departments line and gave aid and comfort through your analysis. You should
read "The Grand Failure" by Zibignew Brzezinski - You guys have exactly the
same line. And yes I do mean guild by association. You've been had.

And to compare and glorify the achievements of social democratic europe is
the height of bankruptcy - capital with free reign, some rights true enough
won by struggle - but democracy - what a laugh.

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