RUSSIA needs a war on drugs???

Scott Marshall Scott at
Tue Jun 13 12:10:53 MDT 1995

>You've got to be kidding, PNEWS / odin, whoever sent the Russian
>Drugs article.  This is the result of the setbacks to socialism?  I
>think not.

Then why wasn't there a bigger drug problem before.

>Not unless you mean that the lack of other economic opportunities
>increases the incentive to go into drug traffic.  Or you mean that
>drug business is capitalist and therefore didn't happen when USSR was
>so-called socialist.  Or guards have lower real wages now, so are
>more likely to accept bribes.

Yes all of these are true - especially that it was a profit driven desease
that would not be tolerated.
>Or drug traffic became easier when sovietskies and neighbors cut
>their secret police budgets, resulting in significantly smaller law
>enforcement ranks overall.  Or it's easier to cross borders that are
>more open now.

Yes also a factor.

>Or the price of vodka has gone up and other drugs are at least
>partial substitutes.  Or people are so depressed and demoralized that
>the demand for drugs is up, as self-medication.

Also true.

>Obviously, what they need is a war on drugs in response to a list of
>data such as that found in the article.  No analysis required.  Lot
>of good its done us here in the US.  No addressing the root causes of
>any problems.  This sounds like the same old anti-drug hysteria,
>which is used to justify the imposition of a police state.

This is rediculous Lisa. No what they need is not a war on drugs, what they
need is socialism. The point was to refute those who delebrate the setbacks
to socialism as a good thing.

>If you are concerned about health effects, lost work time and
>economic effects of addiction, you should first fight tobacco use and
>alcohol abuse.

Agreed - also not only by silly "war on" propaganda, but by trying to end
this rotten system also.
>In the US, tobacco alone results in more deaths, lost work time and
>health costs than all other legal and illegal drugs put together,
>including indirect effects such as drunk driving and gang wars.

Gee, that sure makes heroin and crack additction look better doesn't it.

>Also note, much of the harm that is done is a result of
>illegalization itself, not the drugs per se, such as turf wars and
>the expense of supporting a police state.

You're the one that asked for a deeper look. Do you really think for example
legalization will end the underlying causes of drugs, drinking and smoking?
I think not.

>Lisa Rogers, newspaper reader


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