Who are you guys?

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Tue Jun 13 14:08:56 MDT 1995

Shades of Dana Thorpe!  Maybe they're friends?  If not, they should be

--John Walker

On Tue, 13 Jun 1995, richard walsh wrote:

> I can almost picture you all now -the regulars- Justin, Jim, Joe,
> Jerry (still scoring points off each other I see- no democratic
> centralism here), Aniello (no need to struggle with English Grammar,
> use your own, and make it our problem), Chris (he's back again
> folks), Leo (nice critique of Marxist subject-object dualism, of
> course the answer was to be found somewhere else in Marx), Howie,
> Lisa, and so on....
> What is it that you all care about? The transformation to the
> socialist utopia? (No longer an inevitable process?)
> How is it to be done? By the cultivation of a
> radical socialist consciousness, to be shared  among a sufficient
> number of people, prefiguring the REVOLUTION (whether violent or
> peaceful, it's still there). How are the masses to transcend their
> situation, and attain revolutionary consciousness? It must be taught?
> Proselytise the people -tell them what's really good for them,
> eradicate their 'false consciousness'? Is that the way forward? What
> does this mailing list achieve then? Where does it all fit in the
> grand scheme of things?
> Surely it's all preaching to the converted? Ah, PREACHING, now
> there's a word. Endless huffing and puffing over each inflexion and
> small nuance that makes up the WORD. 'Scraffa on Value'? 'Utopianism
> versus Radical Democracy'? It's all a cloistered little world isn't
> it? Radical purity substitutes for the monastic ascetic, studying
> Marx replaces scholasticism's perusal of the Bible. Arguments aren't
> considered if they don't contain the requisite numer of '-isms', of
> 'class', of  'exploitings'. If they don't speak in the way the Word was
> written, and has been written about. It's all seems like
> speaking in tongues to me.
> They say God doesn't exist, that 'religion is the opium of the masses'.
> I must agree. But it looks like Religion has re-surfaced elsewhere. After
> all, it's about the projection of oneself onto an abstract, ontologised SELF.
> The Better Self. The socilaist utopia as Heaven, anyone?
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