Preaching to the converted?

Chris M. Sciabarra sciabrrc at is2.NYU.EDU
Tue Jun 13 14:52:50 MDT 1995

Richard Walsh writes:  "I can almost picture you all now--the
regulars--Justin, Jim, Joe, Jerry (still scoring points off each other I
see--no democratic centralism here), Aniello (no need to struggle with
English Grammar, use your own, and make it our problem, Chris (he's back
again folks), Leo (nice critique of Marxist subject-object dualism, of
course the answer was to be found somewhere else in Marx), Howie, Lisa,
and so on.... What is that you all care about?  The transformation to the
socialist utopia?"

Well, Richard, being a libertarian, I can only speak for myself.  And
being a libertarian, I can only say that I am not looking for socialist
transformation.  I may be "back again," but at least I was never chased
away for being a Hayekian, or a fan of Ayn Rand.  While there will always
be a market for "preaching to the converted"... I have found this list
refreshing in that "the converted" are not all preaching the same thing.
There is a lot of diversity here, believe it or not.  I'm living proof of
it (for better or worse, depending on your point of view).

				- Chris
Dr. Chris M. Sciabarra
Visiting Scholar, NYU Department of Politics

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