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Tue Jun 13 17:06:00 MDT 1995

 The main purpose of quoting in these discussions is to indicate to
 the reader which point or idea you're replying to.  To accomplish
 that, about four lines of quoting should be sufficient.

 Here are my selfish reasons....

 (Reason #1):  The cost of getting e-mail:  One would expect a MARXISM
 group to be sensitive to the existence of low-income people.  Not
 everyone is at a college to get free e-mail.  To give a rough idea -
 at one site, I pay 5 cents per minute to upload or download mail at
 2400 baud.  At one time I had to pay 30 cents for each 5000 bytes.
 I don't have a cost problem anymore, because now I have all my list
 subscriptions going to a site which has expensive outgoing mail
 but free incoming mail.  But not everyone is like me, patient enough
 to use one account for incoming mail and another account for outgoing

 (Reason #2):  I don't like my home telephone line to be busy for
 hours at a time.  People complain they can't reach me.

 (Reason #3):  There is only one megabyte of space free on my hard
 disk.  Although zipping and moving files to diskettes is necessary,
 I wish I didn't have to do it every day.

 While I look forward to all new articles, I'd prefer not to get
 copies of what I already have.

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