RUSSIA-NARCOTICS: Five Million Russians Are Drug Addicts

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Tue Jun 13 11:20:28 MDT 1995

It strikes me in reading the silly piece/post on DRUGs in the USSR that
marxists who succumb to the anti-drug hysteria emanating from offices and
people who like to control other people are greatly in need of an
anti-hysteria drug.  At the very least, what's needed is a discussion of
DRUGs that's more specific and does not begin with retrograde assumptions
like, Drugs are Evil.  Yes, some drugs are not particularly good to use,
especially if you tend to addiction.  But lots of drugs and lots of people
who do drugs of various kinds are no more a problem than they are made to
be by the little trans-ideological fascist who seems to inhabit people who
successfully spiral up the staircases of power.  These power addicts,
caught in denial and codependence, sip their wine, drink their coffee,
smoke their cigarettes, and gorge on chocolate an sugar, while solemnly
bemoaning the DRUG PROBLEM and the need for greater vigilance and stiffer
penalties.  Strange to see the utterly uncritical strain of thought
reflected in this article on a marxist list.  Then again, maybe not.

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