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Scott Marshall Scott at
Tue Jun 13 17:06:48 MDT 1995

>Scott, are you willfully misreading me, or what?

Lisa, i cold ask you the same thing.
>My point was that I have seen no argument about how a "growing drug
>problem" in Russia results from less socialism, per se.

No I didn't get into a long sociological diatribe about the mechanism by
which loss of socialism caused the drug problem. Pehaps silly of me to think
that folks on this list can make that connection on their own, since some
like Justin feel that the loss of sociaism is a good thing no matter the
consequences to regular working people.
The article never pretended to make a 'deep' argument for the connection, it
simple told the tale.

>And wasn't alcohol and tobacco a profit-driven disease?  Why else did
>USSR tolerate that??  Or is the only difference about who gets the
>profits?  Isn't that why USSR is sometimes called "state capitalism"?

I doubt that's why anyone calls it state capitalism. State capitalism is a
term used to justify hostility to socialism as it existed much like
Stalinism is used to disregard and demonize arguments that some don't want
to hear. BTW the arguments can come with tremendous amounts of "facts and
figures" that only serve to prove a paraphrase of Mark Twains that 'liars
can propagandize and propaganda can lie.'

>Also, I certainly did not claim that legalization or
>decriminalization would address the causes of drug use and drug
>demand.  You invented that one entirely.

Actually you're probably right here. I think I mistook your argument against
phoney capitalist 'wars on' as a call for decriminalization. Sorry

>I do claim that the US War on Drugs (including increasing
>criminalization, increasing police power, increasing police budget,
>impact on foreign relations and civil rights, the unequal application
>of the law, etc.) has cost far more than the  benefit received.
>Don't read any more into or out of this than what I am actually

Fair enough.

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