What good is dialectics?

zodiac zodiac at gold.interlog.com
Tue Jun 13 19:48:52 MDT 1995

Mike Lepore writes:

>  I don't see what usefulness Marxism expects to get from dialectics.

There are thousands of pages that could be written on this, Mike...  and far
more profound than what I'm about to offer...

But the first thing that comes to mind is dialectics rid people of that
linear form of thinking which creates stagnation and defeatism -- that is,
things like: "We had a struggle, the workers vs the propertied classes, and
we lost. Thus, it's over and me must adapt, because history is linear."

Dialectics is the principle that energy/motion/form are all the same.  There
is no "true" victory or defeat, for movement is not linear, but rather like a

Dialectics = eternal change.  Nothing really new there. But we seem to need
to endlessly remind ourselves that nothing is final (except death, the
bastards tell me...)

Marx used it to defeat the "creationists", be it spiritual or economic, who
believe "the current system is the final system, the way God meant it to be."

For me, that's powerful tool enough.


P.S. I agree it can be, in the hands of political theorists, a tool to
"prove" anything. But do the "facts" they use in their "spirals" stand up?
Are they "scientific", relate to human realities?

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