RUSSIA needs a war on drugs??? -Reply

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Tue Jun 13 21:17:54 MDT 1995

Lisa and Scott ... TIME OUT! (You guys are beginning to sound like Ajit
Singh and I on the Pen-L list!).

I can't believe that the two of you are getting this worked up about the
drug problem in Russia.  Try to sort out your differences, including:

-- the source of the current social and economic crisis in Russia;
-- the reasons for the collapse of the USSR;
-- the role of the Communist Party leadership (a word selected so as not
to offend Scott) in that collapse;
-- the nature of "democratic institutions" in the USSR (I'm choking on
that expression);
-- whether the people of Russia are better or worse off -- on balance --
when one considers what was lost and what was "gained";
-- whether the downfall of "socialism" in the USSR is to be celebrated or
commiserated; and
-- what is next for Russia?

Maybe, then, the rest of us could join in on this game.

No wonder someone asked: "who are you guys?"


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