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	Hi Jerry, and thanks for the nice, fiesty reply. I suppose the
only people I've met who've not heard of Jameson have been in
engineering. But then, I don't meet many people....
	Jameson is something of a monolith, master bricoleur, hegelian
marxist theorist whose project --"The Poetics of Cultural
Forms"--incorporates parts or moments of Frankfurt School folks, Ernst
Bloch, Sartre, Levi-Strauss, Greimas, Lacan, and one could continue this
til the cows come home. He's considered one of the ones who introduced
the Frankfurt school to "literary criticism" back in 1971, with his
_Marxism and Form: Dialectical Theories of Literature_; then he laid out
the foundations for a marxist hermeneutic and cultrual studies base in
1981's _The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act_.
In that work he tackled central marxist & dialectic enemies:
poststructuralisms. In 1991 his _Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of
Late Capitalism_ made us all get bad headaches, but is one of the
foundational terms of that so-called debate (which he refuses, as a good
hegelian marxist, to engage in: rather, he tries to map the
'system'--ooo, memories of the 60s!--and then to 'outflank it.') His most
recent book is _Seeds of Time_ which I can't quite put together nto
sentences yet. Read one of his and you'll see why!
	Well, you asked.
	And that's just the warm-up.
	Not to sound like a G-man, b ut    what do you know of the Cof C?
Am I right to think that is Committee of Correspondences? or is it
Correspondence? I've tried to find out more about it, and it's recent--if
it still exists--happenings, but can't seem to hit the right lines.I
understand that Davis ws in that, but don't know if she still is.
	The Davis-Marcuse connection is still hard for me to articulate
without sounding as if I'm whitening Davis. That is the lsat thing I want
to do--writing about her is more difficult because I agree with what I
have heard and read by her, most recently a 1995 talk at Florida A&M and
an article in Critical Inquiry_ on her own commodification. Which almost
annoys me, since that is on of my sections in the Davis chapter! Oh well.
	As you may know, she studied with Marcuse at Brandeis & then
UCSdiego. Differences? Yes, several big ones. But of the "public"
activists, she's the only one I find that maintains a rigorous
dialectical critical approach, who is consistently critical in the "old
fashioned" 'critical theory' hegelian-marxist way. WHile bell hooks may
have much to offer in some arenas, Davis' metholodgy, dedication, and
analyses are far more incisive. She also extends the 'utopian trajectory'
of Marcuse (via Marx, Fourier, Bloch, etc.), as does Jameson.
	I don't know if you really wanna know what endo is. Do a keyword
Webcrawler search, go to Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre
(presumptuous, eh?) and see what they say. Briefly, though, and because I
think that men (assumption on my part here...) should know something
about it: it's becoming more & more widespread.
	Endo is a chronic disease--that's it 'official classification.'
There is no cure. They don't know what causes it (hence can't stop it.)
It can only be definitely diagnosed by way of an surgical procedure
(usually out-patient but grisly nonetheless!) called a laparoscopy.
Endometriosis is characterized by the growth of endometriomas, or
implants of endometrial tissue--oh! the endometrium is the lining of the
uterus, the stuff that grows, thickens, waits for a fertilized egg, then,
if no egg, it sloughs of & away, thus we have our menstrual period. Yeah!
It's regulated by several hromones. Anyway, these implants somehow manage
to get outside of the uterus. They make their homes on such things as
ovaries, the outside of the uterus, the tubes, sometimes colon, and so
on. Anyway the fluid goes--and that's anywhere in the abdominal
cavity--that's where the endo can go!
	Now, the endo colonies (my term) continue to do what they would
do if inside the uterus: thicken, grow, slough off. That's because the
hormones get around pretty well. Sorta sci-fi, really. Often cysts
develop when the regular tissue tries to battle off the endo, send bands
around it, locks it into place and tries unsuccesffully to dissolve it.
Then if this happens enough, the organs get, well, fused together. But my
case ain't that bad. Yet.
	The pain is intense, and is, again, chronic. Bad cramps, bloating
of the ab, and so on. It is a strange disease, and is different in
different women. Treatment used to be a choice of either full
hysterectomy (now they know this doesn't stop it) or 'get pregnant'
(don't work either, after the kid, you get the endo again!). Of course,
the very recognition of it is still a problem. Now treatment ranges from
laser surgery (w/ lap), hormones treatments (bc pills through to
heavy-duty things that induce and imitate menopause), to hyseterctomies.
	Basically, it stinks. My life has totally changed in less than
one year.
	There is an endo 'support' group on the net, & I've learned a lot
from that. If you know any women who have it, they might wanna know, too.
	Well, again, you asked!
	And BTW, your homepage won't come up. Why is that? I thought I'd
find out what sort of character you thought you are before sending this,
but nope.
	Off to study!
	Thanks again for your reply.

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