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Joseph F. Lockard lockard at NetVision.net.il
Wed Jun 14 00:40:22 MDT 1995

Richard, passing over the body of your post (Marxism as religion is a far
more developed counter-argument than your brief paragraphs), let's note
that you write:

> Aniello (no need to struggle with English Grammar,
>use your own, and make it our problem),

Was this necessary?  I'll hazard a guess that Aniello might have more
linguistic range than many people on this list.  I kind of enjoy the
ambiguities of his syntax, even while entirely disagreeing with most of his
ideas.  I'd also guess that the guy's English has been improving as a
result of his Net postings.

This point is important because insofar as English has become the global
Net medium, it can be employed to exclude and alienate non-native English
speakers from discussions.  Linguistic intolerance is not only bad manners,
it's a massive political mistake for it ignores a diversity of voices.
Since English has so often been conceived of as an imperial cement, perhaps
that fractured English spoken by Aniello and many, many others might be
understood as containing in part an anti-imperial gesture?  A 'let 'em
speak English' attitude is thoroughly resented in parts of the world with
which I'm familiar, even while people are busy ensuring that their children
learn the language.

Besides, who has a right to complain?  Neither of us (venturing a guess
about you) speaks Italian, and Aniello is far more linguistically extended
than us both.

Ciao, JOE


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