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On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, ANIELLO MARGIOTTA wrote:

> >Jim replies my quote :
> >
> >Of course, you mean the P2 (Propaganda Du'e [sic]?) masonic lodge
> >and the 'Strategy of Tesion' (Strattegia del Tenzione?)
> >
> >	Would you happen to have any more detailed information on this?
> Nello:
> Just in these last days italian magistracy are detecting about the control
> of officers of CIA upon neo-fascist group inplicated in the slaughter wich
> started the Strategy of Tension in Italy in 1969 while workers and students
> filled every days the places of Italy. This Strategy was carried out until
> 1983 and it was taken again in 1993 before last political election;

	What happened in 1993?  Que oggi??

> implication of italian secrete services and mafia has been ascertained
> although only two young neo-fascists are definitively condemned for the
> slaughter in the station of Bologna in 1980 (many people believe they
> innocent fastening this slaughter to Ustica crash,the more unconfessable
> mystery of replubblican Italy were the rules of italian militar aviation and
> NATO are all to be descovered).

	Not sure I 'capisce' the above... Ustica??

	I once watched an Italian movie on late-night TV that was
more-or-less a 'parody' of the coup/golpe attempt. It was a black comedy
and was actually funny some times -- when it wasn't scary.

	Being in the Italian language, I missed a lot of the subtleties
(little things)... Do you know of this film?? How accurate was it?

> I thing the strategy of tension had at the beginning a destabilizing
> function and in the last cases, instead, a stabilizing function.
> In the '70 years the crysis of italian society seemed to have an outlet on
> the left signed by a great electoral successes of Comunist Party and the
> achievment
> of very important victories for the workers and students.

	Yes, the 'heady' days of 'Euro-communism'...

> It was the golpe in Chile to determine a particular development of italian
> political situation : PCI began the policy of "Historical Compromised" which
> strategically meaned a government togheter Christian Democracy or better
> that side of DC drived by Aldo Moro ;

	And today we have the 'Democratic Party of the Left'. What do you
think about this??  A 'cop-out' (mistake)?

 part of extraparlamental comunist
> groups developed theory and pratic of armed struggle; for every the lesson
> of Chile
>  was: it's impossible for a Comunist Party conquer and hold the leadership
> of a western country pacifically. PCI wanted conquer it with compromised
> togheter
> progressive catholic forces; armed groups with revolution.
> MORO was carried off the same day he was to become premier of the first
> italian government at comunist leadership.

	Over here, everything we hear about the world in the Media is
simplistic.  Black and white. Cartoonish.

	Moro was simply kidnapped and killed by 'communists'. Period. I
have heard that it is _proven_ that it was the fascists who were behind
the BR. In Europa, I'm sure the story is MUCH different than over here..!

	You would think it would be plain to everyone here that only the
fascists/NATO had anything to gain from his kidnapping...

> The death of Moro signed the end of both ,revolutionary dream of BR,
> captured in short time, and leadership of PCI.

	I think the PCI had an absolutely wrong policy. Is this what you

> Although red brigatists denied it, many people things and writes the Moro died
> because too many wanted his death . Moro revealed in his confessions during
> the distraint the existence since '50 years of GLADIO, a paramilitary group
> fastened

	We have 'GLADIO' here too. I am/was a 'target' of these people.
Unfortunately, almost 100% of the people here will not know what we are
talking about! I would bet that most people in Marxism List would not

	The Media here is COMPLETELY censored, but, of course, it is
'officially' the freest Press in the civilized world...   |<

> to US and NATO to avoid the conquer of the leadership by PCI, but only five
> years ago, descovering the copies of Moro's confessions, it has been publically
> showed and GLADIO loosed.

	Like I said, there was almost complete censorship over here about

> About Berlusconi ,P2 and other questions I reply in next e-mails.

	I can't wait!!    :>



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