The question of violence

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At 10:52 PM 6/13/95, glevy at wrote:

>A question occurs to me which would link two topics that we have been
>discussing -- violence and fascism.  The question is: when is it
>legitimate, morally acceptable, and/or practical for anti-fascists to use
>violence against fascists?
>This is a question which has been addressed by Marxists before.  There
>are those who favor "nipping fascism in the bud" and those who defend
>fascists' democratic rights to free speech, assembly. etc. and concentrate
>on "educating" the masses about the nature of fascism.

There's a difference between the state censoring speech and prohibiting
assembly and a group of lefties - Marxists, anarchists, whatever - kicking
the shit out of Nazis all on their own.



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