The question of violence

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Wed Jun 14 13:25:17 MDT 1995

On Tue, 13 Jun 1995 glevy at wrote:

> A question occurs to me which would link two topics that we have been
> discussing -- violence and fascism.  The question is: when is it
> legitimate, morally acceptable, and/or practical for anti-fascists to use
> violence against fascists?
> This is a question which has been addressed by Marxists before.  There
> are those who favor "nipping fascism in the bud" and those who defend
> fascists' democratic rights to free speech, assembly. etc. and concentrate
> on "educating" the masses about the nature of fascism.

Shades of Skokie!

In my view the answer will depend in part on what's meant by "fascism".
But I've always been impressed by the idea that those who would use
their free speech, or other freedoms, to gain power and then take those
very freedoms away from others, can't appeal to the principle of free
speech for protection.

At any rate, can't fascism be "nipped", and the populace educated about
its evils, simultaneously?

John D. Walker

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