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Jim writes:

>	Of course, you mean the P2 (Propaganda Du'e [sic]?) masonic lodge
>Could you give us a more detailed, in-depth account of the present
>political situation in Italia?  I, for, one, would like to find out more
>about the new-style 'techno-fascists' there (as well as the old-style
>fascists, Lombard League, etc.), and the present state of the various
>communist parties/groups.
>	I'd _especially_ like to find out more about Berlusconi

When police broke into Gelli's country-seat was found the list of P2 masonic
lodge and the plain named " National safety ". The name of Berlusconi was
into this list . The plain foresaw, to save Italy by comunist danger,
control upon media,
presidential political system with majoritarian electoral mechanism,
governmental control upon magistracy, limitation of syndacal freedom,
neo-liberist prescription for
italian economical problems demolishing welfare state and a strong voluntary
This plain appears in great share  in FI political program ( FI is the
Berlusconi' s party).Berlusconi's FININVEST TV, shaped in american style
with programs and movies bought exclusively in US, grew in deregulation
protected by Craxi who hoped to became president in a presidential system.
In last '80 years italian policy was blocked up
" Consociative system " where a very left opposition disappeared and all
parties managed its part of power ,trade unions too, while the pubblic debt
grow up whitout
limits for financing feeble industrial system and guaranteing the social peace.
Corruption was a rule for everyone and, died Berlinguer, PCI forgot the
ethic problem,
because its identity crisis that brought it to leave marxism and quickly
embraced economical liberalism until changing name in PDS.
The political system was upset by democratic magistracy, free to act after
the deaths of many magistrates ( Falcone expecially) wich rendered sensitive
the pubblic opinion
(many people ironize on judicial road to socialism).
Cultural models imposed in ten years of political reflux  by the media have
the entry of Berlusconi's team in policy like a credible reserve for a
system falling out in the empty created by the dissolvence of historical
Like premier of a coalition with neo(ex?)fascist party and Lombard league he
move on the line written in the P2 plain but was defeated by biggest popular
mobilitations seen in Italy, since 20 years. Actually in Italy there a
thecnical government with a clear right connotation leaning by strongest
left party, PDS, that stop popular opposition and appears more assuranced
than Berlusconi for international finance : the game is  stil open.
The new comunist party, PRC is still an opinion party without organitation
and claer ideological identity, although it is growing electorally
(10%),while workers autonomous organitations grow ( COBAS) and interesting
function have young social centers where, expecially in urban boundaries a
skethed antagonist culture and policy is developed.

For more detailed news about italian policy you can send an e-mail to
AVVENIMENTI at peacelink.it  a good left magazine or connect with
or with  http://www.mir.it 'il MANIFESTO', the readest comunist newspaper.



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