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Wed Jun 14 16:41:08 MDT 1995

Guy and Scott raise some interesting questions about the Internet and its
uses.  A few brief points:

1) The Internet was established by the Pentagon for "national security"
reasons.  Originally, the idea was that if one part of the Net got nuked
they could still be able to communicate electronically with most other
locations.  Given that background and the history of FBI and law
enforcement violation of our constitutional rights, I take it for granted
that anything I write on the Net can be intercepted and, possibly, used
against me.  This is not a paranoid belief.

2) Despite the above, the Net **is** used by many radical activist
organizations on both the Left and the FAR Right.  Neo-fascist
organizations, Nazis, and the militia all use the Net for communication,
education, propaganda, and coordination.  Groups on the Left can do
similarly, but they should remember that anything that is written can
potentially be used against them either in a court of law or illegally.

3) The "church" analogy to our list is a little off-base.  Does anyone
who has read recent posts really believe that we belong to the same
religious sect?  If we can be compared to a religion, then it would seem
that we are of *many* religions.

4) For the above reason, I don't believe that the use of this list for
practical organizing has too many uses.  After all, just recently we
couldn't agree whether we would side with "revolutionary students" or
"worker" cops.  What kind of "practice" could we possibly agree on?


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