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> BUT I do not assume that most on this list only
> do this list. I assume that for most this is a form of recreation and
> intended to promote not much more than cocktail marxism. Most have far
> important political organizing to do. I think there are more useful lists
> for activists on the internet where there is valuable exchange of
> information that can play a role in mobilizing and organizing.


You raise a good point, though I think Richard might say that there's a
problem with the very idea of cocktail marxism or separating the word from
the deed.  I would be inclined to agree with him.  Because you could say the
same about other areas of intellectual activity from print journalism to
university seminars, I guess this takes us into the old question of the role of
the intellectual and intellectual activity.   Take something like Le Monde
diplomatique.   Reaches many more people than this list, trenchant analysis of
contemporary politics and capitalism, but who is their audience?  Where do
these critiques lead?  You could probably say the same of leftist university

I do participate in "real" leftist activities, but nothing else digitally.  I ju
think that there ought to be more out there in cyberspace, and I thought that
it might be possible to make something more of the group.  If people are
content with the group as it is, that's OK.  I just think that the question
should be put on the table from time to time.


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