Who are you guys?

LeoCasey at aol.com LeoCasey at aol.com
Wed Jun 14 17:42:51 MDT 1995

It all starts with our friend Iona, who wrote:
"Aniello (no need to struggle with English Grammar,  use your own, and make
it our problem),"

To which Joe replied:
"Was this necessary?  I'll hazard a guess that Aniello might have more
linguistic range than many people on this list."

To which at least five different contributors to the list (at my count)
responded with affirmative endorsements. I chose brevity for my affirmation:
"Amen to that!"

Which led our Hamilton correspondent Jim to reply to my comment alone:
"Are you guys a tag-team, or what? I agree with the first sentiment -- it's
YOUR comments which are unnecessary."

To which I say:
OK I give up. Clearly my spirit harmed your spirit in an earlier life. As
best as I can figure it, your spirit must have been with Custer when my
spirit was with Crazy Horse. My deep apologies for Little Big Horn. Hope you
can get over it now.

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